You Must Know About Malaysian Culture Before You Visit In Malaysia

Malaysia is among the destinations that attract a number of tourists each calendar year. Its device culture and beautiful scenery plus a rich history has made it one of the best places to visit and it has become quite the experience for everyone who has been there. Malaysia has turned into a mosaic of cultures, meaning it has a variety of cultures that attracts a colorful heritage. The culture of the Malaysian people if to be properly understood has to begin with the people who live there. There are very many and different ethnic groups that dominate this beautiful country, but the most dominant are the Malays, Indians and the Chinese. These are the most dominant ethnic groups living there and they have been able to influence other communities to create a unique Malaysian culture.


Malays are Malaysia’s largest ethnic group and they occupy almost half of the entire population. Although when you visit the eastern most part of the country, the Malays population tends to be significantly less than the almost half population. In essence, Malay simply means a person who takes part in and obeys all the Malay and Islam traditions. Individuals who speak this language and have ancestral background of Malays are known to possess rich heritage of this community. Malays being largely significant in numbers are absolutely fun and easy to live with. They are accommodating and do not have issues, even with people from other ethnic communities as we see with communities from other countries.


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Chinese in Malaysia is also a big ethnic community and comes after the Malays. Its population is almost a quarter of the entire population. The ethnic Chinese people originated from the Chinese immigrants of the 19th century who came and found home in Malaysia. These people are very popular because of their keen business sense and are known to be really good hard workers. There are also other groups of this community that speak a different version of the normal Chinese language and are located in different cities across Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, which is home to a sub group called Cantonese.(image by lacily wu).


They form the smallest of the major ethnic groups in the country. They are known as the Malaysian Indians and form roughly 10% of the entire population. Most of them are descendants of the south Indian immigrants who migrated to Malaysia during the time of British rule and found a home. They came with an intention of having a better life than where they had originally come from. They are predominantly Hindus and they came with their colorful culture which included spicy cuisine and ornate Temples. The Indian ethnic community, despite being small in number they have never experienced cases of being sidelined because as the rest of the community, they are equally Malaysian and are treated with the utmost respect and fairness.

Clearly, Malaysia is a unique country that features diverse cultures and a rich history. The different cultures provide quite an interesting perspective of the country’s origin and a very educative feel to it as well.


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